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The BDS magnetic drilling machines are categorized into four performance classes depending on their purpose of use.

For heavy duty drilling solution, the ProfiSTART class are the best suit. These magnetic drilling machines are meant only for drilling, for heavy-duty drilling thanks to its oil-bath gearbox.

The economical price ProfiBASIC machines are simple magnetic drilling machines only for drilling. Moreover, these magnetic drills are of high quality and are also made in Germany but have no sensors and indicators.

For special purpose drilling operation is the ProfiSPEZIAL class comprising of special machines like pneumatic drilling machine, rail drilling machine, keyway milling machine, etc.

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MAB 485 MAB 485SB MAB 525 MAB 525 SB MAB 825 MAB 845 MAB 1300
MAB 100 K MAB 455 MAB 455 SB MAB 465
MABasic 200 MABasic 400 MABasic 450 MABasic 850
MAB 155 AutoMAB 350 AirMAB 5000 RailMAB 915 RailMAB 965 AutoMAB 450 MAB 1300V MAB 825 V MAB 825 KTS

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